Wil Cunningham

Award winning IT Consultant


“Wil is an excellent communicator he came into our organisation and before making any decisions surveyed what was in place changes were then discussed and agreed with thought and understanding. Wil challenged processes in a positive way, he was encouraging and provided excellent guidance to the staff he supported (myself included). Wil was able to coordinate a team of people that were struggling for direction and put us on a path which allowed us to work through some extremly challenging times and left us with that team spirit still in place. The words firm but fair are often referred to, they 100% describe Wil. If you are lucky enough to work along side or reporting to Wil it won't be long before you see this. . ”8th October, 2015

Diane Kelly - Service Support Team Lead at Manchester City Council - Diane reported to Wil at Manchester City Council

“Wil was professional and very experienced and provided clarity and clear direction for the service operations team. We now have a platform of which to build and become a centre of excellence in service delivery. It has been a pleasure to work with Wil and I would recommend him for future positions.”2nd September, 2015

Sharon Warburton Application Support Manager (SAP, Microsoft,Web & Universal Hsg) at Manchester City Council - Sharon reported to Wil at Manchester City Council

“Wil did a fantastic presentation for us at Data Centre Strategy Forum 2012. He is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Hope to see him at our events again and again!”12th March, 2012

Natasha Westcombe, Conference Director, IQPC - was with another company when working with Wil at Wil Cunningham

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wil on a number of occasions since taking over as Editor of FStech in 2011. Wil was a member of the judging panel for the 2012 FStech Awards and has also chaired a number of our roundtables. I found his feedback and help on the awards to be invaluable. He also does a first rate job as roundtable chairman, managing the conversations well, ensuring that things run smoothly and sparking lively debate.”27th March, 2012

Scott Thompson, Senior Editor, IBS Intelligence/IBS Journal - Scott was with another company when working with Wil at Wil Cunningham

“Wil is a delivery focused, seasoned IT professional who brought structure and rigour to the programme where it had been lacking previously.” 17th February, 2012

Cheryl Newton, Risk Director Group IT - Lloyds Banking Group - managed Wil indirectly at Lloyds Banking Group

“Having worked with Wil on the HBOS & LTSB migration I found Wil to be a professional, committed technical SME with extremely strong communication & leadership qualities. Wil always delivered quality documentation and testing plans and was a critical source of information how to approach integration effectively whilst also showing a real in-depth understanding of ITIL disciplines.” 13th February, 2012

Nigel Redman, Service Manager - LBG Integration, Lloyds Banking Group - worked directly with Wil at Lloyds Banking Group

“I have worked with Wil for the last six months. He has impressed me greatly with his depth of knowledge and experience, particularly in large scale migration programmes. He is a committed and hard working professional who has made a major contribution to helping us achieve success.”September, 2011

John Lynch, Programme Director - Lloyds Banking Group

“I worked for Wil for 9 months, running the "Refresh" Programme which was part of EDCO programme. Wil set out very clear objectives for the programme, from the outset, a clear governance structure of meetings with regular reporting and management of issues. He gave the Refresh programme every support and the best chance to succeed. The proof of the pudding is that the targets set for the whole EDCO programme (that were approved at RBS board level) were met on time, and under budget. There are significant ongoing costs savings as a result.”23rd December, 2009

Vivien Cotton , Programme Manager , MORSE - was with another company when working with Wil at RBS

“I worked with Wil on the preparation of separation of RBS and ABN AMRO. Together we looked at the many issues that we encountered during this stage, both technical and organisational. Wil is a skilled professional who showed a lot of creativity and was open to listen to comments and suggestions. I enjoyed working with him.” 14th December, 2009

Peter Van Der Horst , Technology Manager , ABN AMRO Bank - worked directly with Wil at RBS

“Wil has a number of talents, and I have worked with him, on and off, for the last 9 years at RBS. Most recently on the Amstelveen Data Centre Separation Programme. He is a very capable Programme Delivery Manager, and revels in the smallest details in defining new processes, but he shines as being the best Programme Office Manager for very large programmes that I know.”10th December, 2009

Richard Fitzpatrick , Solutions Architect - Amstelveen Data Centre Separation , RBS - worked indirectly for Wil at Royal Bank of Scotland Group

“Wil was my line manager in 2006 when we set up the new design function. He is a strong manager leader who is passionate about the value and contribution of the team, as well as driving process improvements being made at an organisation level. He is focused and instills enthusiasm in those who work with him, showing trust and belief in their ability to deliver. As a manager, Wil is approachable and one who will provide honest, frank and open feedback. It was a pleasure to work with Wil. I learned a great deal working with him, particularly in the areas of continuous improvement, managing and implementing new processes across multiple teams within an organisation.”20th January, 2010

Roddy Gourlay , IT Infrastructure Designer , Royal Bank of Scotland - reported to Wil at Royal Bank of Scotland Group

“Wil is probably the most focused Senior Programme Manager I have had the pleasure of working with. He has a habit of consistently delivering complex programmes through building excellent project teams whilst developing the people in the team, which is a very valuable skill to possess.”9th December, 2009

John Marshall , Programme Manager , Royal Bank of Scotland - reported to Wil at Royal Bank of Scotland Group

"I have worked with Wil in different capacities and relationships over a number of years. Will knows Business Continuity and Disastor Recovery inside out - he has aided us in becoming world class in these fields. Wil is also recognised as a very srong Programme Manager with great organisational and people management skills. It is a real pleasure working with a innovate and clear deliverer.”10 December, 2009

Derik Larkins , Business Manager , Royal Bank of Scotland - worked with Wil at RBS

“Wil's enthusiasm for getting the job done, mixed with his ability to see the benefits of future technology, made him a pleasure to work with.”9th December, 2009

Dunkan Armstrong , Senior Manager , Royal Bank of Scotland Group - worked indirectly for Wil at RBS

“Wil provides clear direction and is driven to deliver the targets set out for him and his team. He is totally commited to the role he is performing, and allows his direct reports to do their job with a free reign while supporting them 100% in their decision making. An honest and open Manager and one who will always let you know where you stand.”9th December, 2009

Matt Turner , Disaster Recovery Consultant , Royal Bank of Scotland Group (Technology Services) - reported to Wil at RBS

“Wil is a very focussed programme manager who always delivers results. It has been my great pleasure to have Wil on my team on a number of occasions and I have always been impressed by his diligent and detailed output. I have also been very impressed at how Wil manages and develops others - the teams he builds around him are always greater than the sum of the parts and the individual members become more results and business focussed.”15th December, 2009

George Kelsey , Head of Infrastructure Optimisation , The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc - managed Wil at RBS

“Wil did a first class job in defining and managing the detailed implementation and proving schedule for Y2K for Technology. All aspects of the schedule were covered with clear roles and accountabilities pre-established. This ensured an extremely smooth faultless proving exercise.”10th December, 2009

Duncan Millar , Head of Retail Development , RBS - worked with Wil at RBS

“Wil in the DCM Programme created and was responsible for the testing and trialling approach to the target infrastructure. He coordinated and directed the technical and Business teams through his command and control and review processes and formulated generic testing scripts and proving plans. The overall result was a successful migration with zero impact to the Business.”21st December, 2009

Robert Reid , Various Operational Roles , Royal Bank of Scotland - worked indirectly for Wil at RBS

“Wil worked with us on a strategic project to redefine, establish and transition Group Policy for IT Disaster Recovery. Wil also performed an assurance review and feasibility study on our function. Wil brought his experience in working within large high-street banking and was adaptive, pragmatic and effective in working within different political structures and in overcoming varied challenges. Throughout the engagement, Wil provided sound advice and expertise. His approach also enabled us to utilise the full breadth of his deep industry knowledge to ensure as a Group we were set up for success. I highly recommend Wil to anyone seeking to recruit a results focused professional consultant.”February, 2015

Jodie Miles - Senior Manager, IT Risk & Controls at Nationwide Building Society - worked with Wil at Nationwide

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