Wil Cunningham

Award winning IT Consultant

Wil has specialised in large scale programme management, delivering practical real-world initiatives, on time and within budget.

In 2014 Wil completed working at the Nationwide Building Society in Swindon.

This position lasted from May 2013 to November 2014 (1 year and 7 months).

Reporting directly to the Head of IT Services, the work consisted of operational and governance analysis, the production of a Feasibility Study and presenting the results to the Group Services Director and 'Heads of', on the potential strategic direction of the NBS Disaster Recovery function.

Wil was then directed to scope, size, achieve funding and drive the formation of the new Target Operating Model through HR. This included:

  • Defining and scoping the new roles and assisting in the hire of the new Head of DR

  • Running the Transformation project from Idea / Inception to the start of the Implement Stage

  • Writing the operational elements of the new DR policies, the operational DR strategy, the Capability Matrix journey and running operational workshops to define the new TOM

  • Piloting the Business Impact Assessment / Mission Critical Activities process into the DR function and assisting in reviewing and refining the new business DR requirements, which have now become the scope of the delivery project

  • Scoping the delivery project and assisting in hiring the project team and then handing over control to the Senior PM and new Head of Disaster Recovery

This completed Wil's 19 month assignment at Nationwide.

In April 2013, Wil completed a successful contract as the Transformation Lead with Aviva PLC. This was a challenging role to baseline and improve the resource and financial reporting within the UK LIFE SD organisation. He had to define a new TOM and the logical transitions to that future model. Wil also established an OLA for the Environment Support / Capacity function, and stronger interfaces to their key stakeholders and identified improvements in their BOM and cost savings and improved SLAs for their TOM. Finally Wil improved the interfaces, processes and reporting to the Business stakeholders to enable better supply and demand management.

In 2012 Wil completed contracts with Cisco, Nationwide and several other companies in RFI / RFP (NDA) bids - mainly in Feasibility Studies on business operating models - to then define and create Tom and the support transitions to those TOMs.

In February 2012, Wil completed 2 years working in LBG as the Delivery Lead for the Disaster Recovery Excellence Programme following on from a successful delivery and signoff of his LBG Disaster Recovery future strategy in July 2011, the Policy in Nov 2011, and the creation and set-up of the implementation plan and team in January 2012. .

Wil had been working in LBG since Jan 2010, initially as Lead of building and supporting an End to End proving environment for the LBG and HBOS technology integration, he then worked as the Group IT Lead Command & Control and Execution at Lloyds Banking Group for a further 14 months.

Wil continued to be the Group IT execution plan Lead during the first 2 Proving Cycles and then for all the Rehearsal weekends and LIVE weekend, whilst completing the DR Strategy and planning the Disaster Recovery Excellence Programme.

Trained initially in Operations, he had decades of experience at RBS delivering large programmes, involving complicated cross divisional / business logistics. Programmes such as the Y2K testing initiative, the NatWest Payments Migration programme prior to the Integration, Data Centre Moves and finally Data Centre Optimisation.

He has also worked on a supply chain delivery (Lean) framework to accelerate and optimise the Infrastructure Delivery Project Lifecycle, and an improved Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity capability.

Previously in RBS, Wil changed jobs internally every 2 -3 years. He usually went to, and or was directed to areas that were either failing and or needed re-engineering. He has worked in multiple divisions and on multiple brands across RBS, both in Technology and Business areas.

Wil has vast experience in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity and specialises in large programme implementations that require complicated cross divisional, cross brands logistics. He ran RBS UK Data Centre Management and the EDCO (optimisation) programme in 2010.

Like everything else he has encountered, its challenges were resolved and delivered by strong leadership, drive, vision, versatility and a systematic and logical approach.

Wil Cunningham IT Consultant London
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Wil's Key Skill Areas

From 2010 - 2012 - Lead of building and supporting an End to End proving environment for the LBG and HBOS technology integration.

Group IT Lead Command & Control and Execution at LBG, defining approach, 2 level planning , planning methodology and tools. Planning and logistics for all events (Proving Cycles, Rehearsals and LIVE events).

Lead the team that created all plans, C & C documentation ran all walkthroughs and interface to BAU ITIL.

Lead Business Interface for Interim Business Process support, Post Go Live Support, IT support and dependencies to Business plans.

Within RBS 2009 - Programme Director for the Datacentre Optimisation Programme - deferring data centre expansion spend for 3 years and the build for 5 years.

In 2009 we delivered almost a mW power savings across the Data Centres (saving a 7 figures £ per annum), over 50% server estate virtualised, thousands of servers decommissioned and thousands of network ports freed up. Also delivering 7% of the Group's committed Power Savings saving on Carbon Tax.

From 2003 - 2006 - Head of RBS Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - Set up professional team / processses that improved RBS recovery and made it three times faster, making it world class - same for Insurance services such as DL / Greenflag and Churchill and globally ABN AMRO.

RBS now in top world rankings for DR. Permanently moved data centre in 2005 using these FSA audited processes and technologies in a world class time.

For details of Wil's recent assignment at Nationwide see details above.

From 2006 - 2007 - Set up project and programme delivery factories (9) to expedite technology project delivery throughout RBS.

2009 worked directly for Director of Distributed Infrastructure for 3 months from January to March - to plan the Techology Services elements of the Strategic Review and set-up the supporting programme and PMO and confirming benefits.

2008-2009 - Constructed the governance models and business alignment process along side AAB colleagues. Created the PR and communication elements to launch this new programme as of January. Dealt with audit, legal and compliance and assisted with the implementation models.

2000-2002 - Ran a Business led programme's programme office / programme to ensure that RBS payments systems PROPAY was ready for the NatWest Integration. Was seconded for 6 weeks during this period back to RBS IT to plan and implement the migration of RBS technology systems to the new RBS2GSI (end game target platform).

Nat West - 2002 Ran a technology planning team that constructed the implementation migration approach, the plans, the schedules of events and coordinated and executed the rehearsal weekends and live weekends - including a major DR failover in the 2nd last rehearsal.

1997 - Williams and Glynns - developed the move approach , the plans, created and ran the rehearsals as part of a team of implementation specialists.

1997 - 2000 - Y2K Testing and Compiance manager - Drove the technology testing plan, created the testing schedule, ran the build factory, ran the rehearsals and live weekends.

Seconded to various project and incidents, from Payments programmes, critical applications to full data centre recovery.

Within Disaster Recovery - I have failed over data-centres, 4-6 times a year, multiple brands. Moved data centres, changed business models, ran trials, 'dirty recoveries', lift and shifts etc.

FST Awards 2010

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FST Live 2010

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